Digital Atlas of Brazilian Pastures

Access the atlas to consult, view and obtain data related to the livestock chain in Brazil.

Brazil: the world's leading beef ?

Factors that could lead Brazil to overcome the USA, in the next five years in beef production.

CAR: Rural Environmental Registry

Outcomes of CAR implementation on the reduction of deforestation in the Amazo

Guidelines for environmental policy

Support for state and city governments.

Review of the Program ABC Resources

Review of the Program ABC Resources crop 2013/2014

Cattle raising in the Amazon

Beef cattle overview in Brazil and in the Amazon, and their development options.

01 April 2019
The activity of monitoring the livestock population is essential in the management of livestock farms. However, in the large estates that adopt the extensive cattle ranching, very common in Brazil, ...
21 February 2019
This Wednesday, 20, Giro do Boi received in the studio the entrepreneur Pedro Coutinho, responsible for startup Eye of the Owner, an innovative tool that will enable the weighing of cattle without t...
13 February 2019
Sensors are installed in the neck of cattle. Farmers in Norway have managed to dodge the problem of large British and continental cattle breeding in the country from the use of GPS. That's because ...
08 February 2019
  Sérgio Raposo, from Embrapa Gado de Corte, lays out practices that can make a difference in 2019. A new year beginning with the optimism of renewal. We must not lose the advantages that the mome...
27 June 2018
O Rally da Pecuária 2018, maior expedição técnica privada do Brasil com foco na avaliação das condições da bovinocultura nos pólos produtores, chega ao Mato Grosso do Sul nesta terça-feira (26). Téc...
13 April 2018
Publication guides the producer of intensive systems to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, generate income and reduce production costs. The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map) la...
01 March 2018
    Brazil's agricultural output grew more than fourfold between 1975 and 2016. During this 41-year period, grain production increased from 40.6 million tons to 187 million tons and livestock produc...
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