Brazil will be the world's largest producer of beef in five years, says Abiec

Fernando Sampaio, ABIEC´s (Associação Brasileira das Indústrias Exportadoras de Carne) CEO says that in the next five years, Brazil will most likely be the world's largest producer of beef. Overcoming the current first place the Unites States.

ABIEC add that the Brazilian market produces roughly 17% of the world's beef and the United States produces roughly 19%. According to Sampaio, Brazil is the biggest beef exporter and by 2020 it could overcome the USA´s production.
According to Sampaio, Brazilian cattle farms use mainly pasture on the other hand American farms take the calf straight into confinement, in such manner using technology in agriculture is the main factor for production raising in Brazil.

The Confederação da Agricultura e Pecuária do Brasil (CNA) estimates that the gross value of beef production by the end of 2015 could reach R$ 93 billion, which represents an increase of 19.23% this year only. As reported by CNA meat production in Brazil generates R$167.5 billion a year and also 7 million jobs around the county.

Furthermore Brazilian beef exports grew up to 737% in 14 years, from US$ 779 million (R$ 2.7 billion at today's prices) in 2000 to US$ 6.4 billion (R$ 22.2 billion) last year. Brazil with 21% of the world's beef exportation leads this race. Read More.

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Fonte: Abiec

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