Lapig holds event

The Laboratory of Image Processing and Geoprocessing (Lapig), Federal University of Goiás (UFG), will hold a technical meeting on October 31 and November 1 in Brasília: "Mapping and monitoring of Brazilian pastures: geographical distribution, productivity, environmental services and intensification potential ". The purpose of the meeting is to expand and strengthen the group of experts interested in data and information related to the pasture and livestock areas in Brazil.

For this reason, the meeting has four main axes: geographical distribution of pastures, productivity and degradation, environmental / ecosystem services and potential for intensification of livestock, whose aim is to understand and share the current level of knowledge, identify gaps and demands, and how to define, in a collaborative way, a map of priorities regarding the need for new research, data production and access to information.

The expectation is that the meeting will bring together about 100 participants, organized in the form of presentations and group discussions. The expected results include a synthesis document (to be submitted for publication later), greater synergy and alignment between academia, government, third sector and private initiative with a realistic, inclusive and integrated vision on livestock production and the environment.


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