Lapig Announces Geonetcast Data Reception

The Laboratory of Image Processing and Geoprocessing (Lapig), Federal University of Goiás (UFG), announces the operation of the reception platform, in real time, of Geonetcast data. These data are already being received by the antenna allocated to Lapig's external mediations and, in particular, it is receiving data from the GOES-16 satellite. Currently, the laboratory is the sixty-ninth (69th) platform that uses the system the most, as reported by Geonetcast's own blog.
This fact will allow the enhancement of new fields of research because the Lapig database will be expanded, which is already internationally renowned for providing free and public data resulting from scientific research developed by teachers and students using remote sensing data from from various sources.
Research related to the weather forecast, thus allowing to generate alerts in the occurrence of severe events such as fires and rainfall with hail and, soil surface studies, as well as environmental and anthropic (human) interactions, with greater temporal detail, will be some of the new fields research.

Text: Mariana Gomes

Image: Mariana Gomes

Source: Comunicação Institucional Lapig

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