Map launches booklet on the use of residues from the production of beef cattle and milk

Publication guides the producer of intensive systems to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, generate income and reduce production costs.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Map) launches a booklet on the economic use of beef cattle and milk to help the producer to generate income from the waste and reduce production costs, as well as reduce the effects gases such as methane.

The study promoted by the Low-Carbon Livestock Project: Value Generation in Intensive Meat and Milk Production, as part of the Low Carbon Emission Plan (ABC Plan), coordinated by MAPA with the support of the Inter-American Institute of (IICA), identified and selected the sustainable production technologies that could be implemented in the production conditions of beef cattle and milk in intensive Brazilian systems.

The research included technologies for rational management of water and food, implementation of biodigesters, generation of electricity through the use of biogas produced by the waste, mechanized composting and also the system of compost barn (sawdust bed).

The activities described in the study prioritize the economic utilization of the residues and the consequent income increase of the cattle ranchers. The material also contains information that encourages the proper use of the biofertilizer generated by the activity. The booklet is available in digital version on the ministry's website. Read more.


Source: Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento

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