The ABC of Livestock Prosperity


Sérgio Raposo, from Embrapa Gado de Corte, lays out practices that can make a difference in 2019.

A new year beginning with the optimism of renewal. We must not lose the advantages that the momentum of these moments propitiates. If, as we have already written, the worst thing we can do in times of crisis is to do nothing, to accelerate actions in the recovery is the right thing to do.

In order to encourage cattle ranchers to move in this direction, we have made a list of verbs in alphabetical order that we believe to be the "ABC of prosperity." None of them is new, but they all deserve to be remembered from time to time.

They can be carried out singly or in groups, according to the capacity and the convenience of each one. Whatever it is, they have a great chance of making a positive impact on production and its technical / economic efficiency.

Here are some ABC verbs:

- Adubar - This verb is little conjugated in livestock. The point is that there is no wealth we exploit that is inexhaustible - and soil fertility does not escape the rule.

- Baratear (purchases and services) - Reducing costs should be routine in any enterprise, but in livestock, where the price of the product is determined by the market, this is even more important.

- Consult (technicians) - Like fertilization, paying technical consultants is not part of the day-to-day livestock.

- Diversify - This verb can bring the greatest benefits, but it must also be the one with which we must be more careful, because a new activity brings with it the pains of learning.

- Elect (priorities) - This is the set of managerial verbs and has the importance of looking at the farm as a whole, analyzing the bottlenecks and ranking them.

- Focus (on priorities) - Also from the "managerial" family, this action only seeks to ensure that we do not put the planned at risk for distractions with less important points, but sometimes are more attractive.

- Manage (even!) - There is no producer that does not manage your property. The reminder of this verb here is for management to be effective by following the cycle: plan, check, analyze, and correct (when necessary).

- Harmonize (production and environment) - Livestock has its image closely linked to deforestation and other environmental problems. Read more.


Source: Portal DBO


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