With innovative technology, the cattle rancher can weigh the herd without moving the cattle to the scale

This Wednesday, 20, Giro do Boi received in the studio the entrepreneur Pedro Coutinho, responsible for startup Eye of the Owner, an innovative tool that will enable the weighing of cattle without taking them to the scale in the corral. To the program, he explained how this is possible.

“O boi vai passar na frente da câmera e, à medida em que passa, as câmeras capturam as imagens e fazem automaticamente toda a reconstrução 3D, extraindo mais de 500 indicadores do boi. Baseado nisso, a gente pesou 15 mil bois em todos o Brasil na balança e nas câmeras para fazer a calibragem delas e conseguir, a partir destas imagens, fazer a reconstrução 3D e apresentar o peso”, explicou. A tecnologia foi validada após um ano de conversas com pecuaristas, além de outros quatro de pesquisa e desenvolvimento até o lançamento da ferramenta.

Coutinho also detailed the objective and for which services the technology will be useful. The businessman recalled that, in general, a herd of beef cattle in Brazil goes through two weighings a year, in May and November, times of vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease in which lots are compulsorily displaced to the corral. "But if something happens in the middle of the way, how will you change the feed, change the pasture, do the correct treatment, identify a sick ox? The Eye of the Owner was created for this, to accompany frequently and to allow the cattle rancher to have more profitability with animal welfare as well ", he summed up, emphasizing the difficulty that many cattlemen, mainly the owners of bigger farms, have to take their animals until the balance in the corral.

The idea arose when a large property sought to identify the value of its herd, estimated at 30 thousand heads, but with varying weights for having diverse categories. With difficulty in weighing all the animals, Coutinho presented the solution, inspired by a technology similar to one used for the same purpose in iron ore. Read more.




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