Brazil, which has the largest commercial cattle in the world and around 170 million hectares of cultivated grasslands, bears in the cattle industry considerable proportion of greenhouse gas emissions. Equally important is the influence of these grasslands on the water and energy cycles, as well as for the rain formation. Considering the country as a whole, the environmental impacts associated with cattle farming can be even more substantial, giving the fact of degradation in some pasture areas due to the absence or inadequacy of management practices, overgrazing and land use.

Degraded pastures, as indicated by the loss of soil fertility and a decrease in biomass, result in a significant loss of soil carbon, low carrying capacity, as well as compaction and soil erosion. Degraded pastures are also more susceptible to fire, a common practice for cleaning secondary vegetation, which causes major environmental impacts, primarily through the emission of aerosols and greenhouse gases.

In general, the use of these pastures is inefficient, even though cattle size has increased quite significantly over the past 20 years. In fact, the intensification of livestock with better management and inspection, can play a crucial role for agricultural practices more environmentally sustainable. Therefore, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases would benefit low-cost land reserves for other uses.

However, occupancy rates increase depend on suitable management practices and on the recovery of degraded pastures. And these degraded pastures need to be properly identified and monitored. Only after understanding these conditions and how these areas are distributed, it will be possible to more effectively use public and private and to improve reproductivity and the value of Brazilian pastures as true environmental commodities.

Within this context, the portal PASTAGEM.ORG was created to support the agriculture sector to be more productive and environmentally sustainable. More than being a "simple" data archive (encompassing thousands of satellite images and maps from the entire Brazilian territory, easily displayed !!), this portal aims to become a platform for quick analysis and capable of supporting stakeholders and decision makers related to the Brazilian agricultural sector, including producers, industry, and government . In the case of Brazilian agriculture, the portal PASTAGEM.ORG is very dynamic and in a constant process of expansion, including upgrades regarding its features and databases. Thus, criticism and suggestions are essential and more than welcome!!

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