Digital Atlas of Brazilian Pastures

Pasture areas occupy approximately 20% of the national territory, constituting the largest land use and cover class in Brazil. As most of the Brazilian cattle herd is pasture fed, these areas are relevant to the country's livestock activity. The Digital Atlas of Brazilian Pastures is a platform that has consolidated data and information on this important class. For the whole of Brazil, we offer a historical series of pasture mappings with 33 maps, from 1985 to 2017, which allow us to analyze the value of pasture areas by several regions of interest (eg biomes, states, municipalities). Among other data that make up the platform.

Geographical database:

  • Pasture areas of Brazil: Historical series of pasture areas in Brazil, produced for the entire Brazilian territorial extension, for the last 33 years (1985 to 2017), within the framework of the Mapbiomas project.
  • Bovine stock: The historical series of bovine stocking (UA / ha) at municipal scale, produced with the data obtained by the IBGE's Agricultural Census and the pasture maps, may indicate areas of high productivity and / or underutilized.
    Intensification Potential: It is determined from the difference between the rate of bovine stocking generated from IBGE census data and the support capacity, produced through satellite productivity data, indicating that in 2015 Brazil had a bovine stocking of 0 , 97 AU / ha and a supporting capacity of 3.6 UA ha / 1.
  • Degradation index of Brazilian pastures: Indicative of pasture quality, generated by Lapig, produced by means of a trend analysis on accumulated anomalies, pixel by pixel and for the period from 2011 to 2016. This analysis used satellite data (NDVI / MOD13Q1) and evaluated losses or gains in productivity. The areas with a significant tendency of loss in productivity (p <0.05) were considered with signs of degradation.
  • Points collected in the field: In recent years, LAPIG has carried out several field studies, aiming to collect land use and land cover coordinates, as well as data on forage, pasture conditions and management in several municipalities in Brazil.
  • Visually Inspected Points: Land use and coverage points inspected by a set of interpreters via TVI tool, developed by LAPIG, which were used for calibration and evaluation of Brazil's pasture maps.

This platform is in continuous process of improvement, being added new data periodically.


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