The Webmap is a online viewing platform. The analysis and retrieval of geographic data from the website Pastagem.org, has been implemented based on the Open Geospatial Consortium standards (OGC). This provides various datasets related to Brazilian agriculture, such as:

  • Pastures overlook: grazing land mapping , from the data compilation of different database. E.g. TerraClass Amazon ; FUNCATE ; PROBIO ;
  • INCRA Land-tenure base: Mapping of the certified and registered INCRA´s Real Estate;
  • PAVAN (Pasture Validation Network): Grazing areas location, from different sources, bringing different parameter settings , such as cultivation or natural pasture ;
  • Slaughterhouses & Meatpackers: Location in Brazil;
  • Occupied area by Pastures: from various sources and years , bringing features such as degraded or natural areas ;
  • Vegetation Index: enhanced vegetation index ( EVI2 ) with two bands ( red and close infrared ) ;
  • Herd Cattle: Amount of cattle in Brazilian cities during 1974 to 2007 ( except 1979) ;
  • Precipitation: precipitation images with a spatial resolution of approximately 30km, available throughout Brazil monthly from 2000 to 2014.

This website is in a process of continuous development and improvement, with new data being added periodically.


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